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  Vegas Knights 1 - Produced by Bendoe Entertainment and distributed by LVX Entertainment; The young bloods from the city of sin are trying to out do their teachers in this 50 minute stunt fest. What does this video have that the others don't? Try Pauly's Skitch Insane going bad on a busy Las Vegas freeway!!! Starring Bendoe and featuring many up and coming new talents that will make you realize that age doesn't matter. Whether its the front or back wheel, 90% of the video is on one wheel.

DVD includes interviews of the riders, never-before-seen bonus footage, and a FOX news segment featuring the Las Vegas Extremes. Starring: BenDoe, with Guest Appearances by Pauly and JoJo from Las Vegas Extremes.

Bendoe's first attempt at creating a sportbike video. Not bad considering he starred in, produced, and edited the entire project... A must see motorcycle stunt video!




  Torque - A Warner Brothers Motion Picture

Biker Cary Ford (MARTIN HENDERSON) has returned to his hometown to reunite with his girlfriend Shane (MONET MAZUR) and take care of a little unfinished business.

When he skipped town months ago, Ford was in possession of several motorcycles belonging to Henry (MATT SCHULZE), a ruthless drug dealer and leader of the Hellions biker gang. Now Henry and his bitch (JAMIE PRESSLEY) are putting the squeeze on Ford in an attempt to retrieve the bikes, which have something a little more valuable than gas in their tanks. When Ford is less than willing to cooperate, Henry frames him for the murder of Junior, younger brother of Trey (ICE CUBE), the fearsome leader of the Reapers motorcycle gang.

With the help of his loyal buddies Dalton (JAY HERNANDEZ) and Val (WILL YUN LEE), Ford must outrun an FBI agent (ADAM SCOTT) who's hot on his trail while eluding both the misinformed Trey, hell-bent on revenge, and the callous Henry, who's dead-set on getting back what is rightfully his.

Racing across the desert in a perilous attempt to prove his innocence and convince Shane that he's worth a second chance, Ford must outrace his enemies if he wants to clear his name and live to ride another day.

Bendoe doubled Jamie Pressley in his first roll in the Motion Picture industry.



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  LAS VEGAS EXTREMES GIRLS - You wanted it HOT!...
You wanted it RAW!... You simply just wanted MORE!!!

The FASTEST Bikes!
The HOTTEST Girls!
The CRAZIEST Stunts!
and the Most DANGEROUS Crashes!

Starring: JOJO, PAULY, BENDOE and JoJo's HOTTEST girlfriends! Oh, and there's some cool bikes and stunts too! But you'll get more then just bikes in this video.

Warning: NOT intended for children

DVD has got more JoJo, extra bonus footage, not to mention deleted scenes. Stuff that could not be shown in the main film!
  Judgment Day - brings some of the most extreme street video clips ever caught on camera. See awesome death defying stunts and high speed motorcycle crashes. Many of the world's most talented street bike performers perform death defying stunts.    Add in the beautiful women and high speed motorcycle crashes you really have to see this one to believe it. In a word... EXTREME!

Riders/Teams:    Todd Colbert, Crazy Martin,
Bendoe, Jermaine Holt, Evasive Actions, Adam Chumita, Redline Extreme, Richy Rich Stunt Rider (UK), Offlimitz, DTE, D-Aces, Flyin Brian, Road Hazards, Room Crew, Zoo Crew, Wheelie Boyz, Xtreme Motorsports, Scooter Trash, San Jose Stunt Rider, Ten Ninety 6, Sune Anderson (Sweden)

  LVX Entertainment Presents Las Vegas Extremes II - "Leap of Faith" a Paul Sherer film. From the #1 selling Street Extreme Freestyle video in the world comes this unbelievable sequel. Get 40 minutes of the craziest and sexiest Street Extreme video to date! Cut to an amazing sound track, and loaded with chicken-heads, and some awsome CRASHES!

Starring: PAULY
Featuring: Fonty, Wheelie Steve, and Introducing JoJo: The Hottest Female stunt Rider that proves: It's not just for the boyz anymore!

*2002 Xtremey Award Winner "Best Street Extreme Video"

Who's the guy on the Kawi with the chick bent over on the gas tank? "Brapp-brapp-brapp-brapp!"


  The original - Las Vegas Extremes - LVX Entertainment Presents A Paul Sherer Film: "Las Vegas Extremes" The #1 selling Street Extreme Freestyle film in the world! Starring Pauly, D-mann, and Ofer Nurkin. This 40 minute Video Features The most Insane Motorcycle Performance, Never Before Seen Footage And An Unbelievable Combination Of Stunt And Street Riding! Featuring: Freeway Wheelies, Nac-Nac Wheelies, Burn Outs, Tank Insanes, Switch-Backs, Run-ins With The Cops, Can-Can Wheelies, Rollin Endos, Skitching, Fender Grab Wheelies, And A Host Of Other Illegal And Humorous Activities.

Bendoe helped in the production of Las Vegas Extremes wearing a helmet cam and doing other filming. This earned him a spot in the video. He also shot the cover picture.




Short Biography:

<First Memories>

Ben Ellingson/Bendoe got his start on dirt bikes. Riding with his father; Ted Ellingson, at the age of 2. “One of my first memories was doing wheelies on the tank of an old (then new) Suzuki RM250.” Ben says. Since then the love for riding has been a major part of his life.

“My first bike was a 1985 RM 80, I would ride it through the back yard then up and down the driveway for hours, nearly every day. I count myself lucky that the neighbors didn’t shoot me!”

By the age of fourteen, Bendoe was riding sport bikes.

Ben's first sport bike was a ‘93 FZR600 which he had for about two months before one fateful day, while at Lake Mead, Someone stole his bike. Since he had a job that required transpo and he was low on cash he bought a 96 ninja 250. Quite a change from the Fizzer, the 250 presented Ben with quite a challenge. No longer could a quick blip on the throttle and snap of the clutch bring him up into a wheelie. Discouraged by the lack of performance by the little 250 Ben focused his efforts on the only thing the 250 was good at. . . The Red Rock Loop. It didn’t take long for Ben to get good at carving up the canyons. “Following Ben Cosmala on his Aprilia RS250 was inspiring!” Ben says. “It was a great to know that there were other people riding bikes with very little engine displacement…”

At age fifteen Ben meets Pauly, D-mann, and Ofer at the Las Vegas bike-night spot at the time, McDonalds. “I was all about doing wheelies but to do a wheelie standing up, and then grabb’n the fender?! Now that’s impressive!” Once again Ben went back to trying to wheelie the ninja 250. A few burn-outs, and a hot tire later, Ben figured it out. Soon he was wheelie’n again and love’n every second.

<Hit and Run>

Some would call it a tragedy and others a blessing but one Saturday night while leading the pack from Grumpy’s to D-mann road the unexpected happened. A drunk in a Mercedes Benz decided to blow the light right as Ben entered the intersection. The front wheel of the 250 hit the right rear wheel of the Mercedes and Ben goes flying through the air! He slides to a stop 30 feet away and gets up, just to see the Mercedes speed off. Luckily there were about 30 bikes following behind and they pursued the drunk driver for 10 minutes until  finally, he crashed into a brick wall and totaled his Benz only 2 blocks from his house. The driver was hospitalized with a broken nose and multiple lacerations and other injuries. Ben walks away with minor road rash and a new ZX7r. Finally Ben had a bike with some balls…

<A Monster is born>

With help from Paul and Derek, Ben pushed himself to a new level. One year prior only doing wheelies and stoppie’s. Ben was now busting one-handed wheelie’s, nac-nac’s, flamingos and some very long  (at the time) rolling endos. These endos eventually earned Ben the nickname “Ben-Doe” and it has stuck with him ever since.

Bendoe helped in the production of Las Vegas Extremes wearing a helmet cam and doing other filming. This earned him a spot in the video. LVX1 was a smash hit, selling over 15,000 copies in just the first few months. After realizing how successful sportbike videos could be, Bendoe new what he had to do; create his own video. “See’n Pauly pull up in his new dully was all it took…”


After two years in production , Bendoe in association with LVX Entertainment released his first film in which he starred, produced, and edited; Vegas Knights.

Ben was now paid to do what he loved. He did not stop with bike videos. He went on to create commercials and other videos for various companies.

Bendoe hits Hollywood! In his first big screen production; Torque! In the film Bendoe does stunt double work for Jamie Presley or “China” in the film. “Ya, I looked sorta like Marilyn Manson on crack. Jason Britton, if you let that video get out I’m gonna be pissed!!” Bendoe got the full Hollywood treatment. From makeup, to a wig, to fake breasts. “Yeah it was cool to have my own RV and catered food between scenes, definitely one of the more memorable weeks of my life…”

Today Bendoe is self-employed. His 'one man show' video production company has grown to a small corporation that employs a small staff of people. The team has high expectations for the next motorcycle flick. “We learned so much during the creation of VK”, Ben says. “I can’t wait to put out the next...”

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